On Amazon


On Amazon, Music is now divided into “Music” and “Classical Music”. I suppose that in this context, such a distinction is actually helpful to classical music lovers, as it would then filter out a whole lot of dross – I mean, other genres. I daresay living in a ghetto is helpful for anyone trying to find you, but it’s still degrading for those who have to live there.

Many HMV shops dump “classical” along with soundtracks, jazz, folk and “nostalgia” in a little corner called “specialist music”, away from the “real” music, presumably.

Trying to search on Amazon for a specific recording usually proves to be a lengthy and frustrating affair. They used to have a reasonably good search engine, even though the information entered for each recording was often sketchy or just plain wrong. Now it’s almost impossible without trawling through everything. They seem unable often to distinguish between composer and performer.


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