Here’s a letter to The Herald regarding an interview with Prince William (our future King) on Channel 4, in which he said “Heaven forbid that I should listen to classical music.”

I think we should all be relieved he wasn’t around in Handel’s time.

I do not understand why this sort of pronouncement from a nincompoop should create surprise. Although I am sorry for the Royal family, who do not often get a straight deal from the press, few if any of them have ever given the impression that they have the necessary intellectual attributes to enjoy any artistic pursuits.

I just want to ask what else he could do with it, given that playing it might be a bit beyond him, though I seem to remember his dad had a go at the ’cello.

I will not go into a rant but it’s not good is it?


2 Responses to “Royalty”

  1. Apparently they don’t eat garlic either. Heaven forbid I should ever be invited to dinner.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Our monarchy is a mediaeval throwback and ought to be done away with.

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