Royal Opera House


Is it just me?

I have tried to book Royal Opera House tickets today. After waiting twenty minutess in the “waiting room”, I found the usual flash clickable seat option was not available. I could not choose my exact seats. I was only given the option of “area”. I chose my usual “area” and purchased seats, only to find I have been given restricted view seats. I only had thirty minutes to re-hunt and book my seats … so I felt I was really rushing.

Also there were no reasonably priced Kirov tickets … only super-priced seats. Have I missed the boat there?

Altogether – not a great buying experience.

And the Royal Opera House has just posted this:

“We are aware that some customers, using the latest version of Flash, have been unable to view the Select Your Own Seat screen and Seating Detail information. If you experience similar problems, we recommend that you try using a different internet browser (Safari / Firefox / Google Chrome) if available. Alternatively, you may also call the Box Office on: +44 (0) 20 7304 4000”

H’m, a bit late for me.


2 Responses to “Royal Opera House”

  1. majorgressingham Says:

    Its not a great system. I’d recommend becoming a “friend” that was you can snap up the stall circle seats for £30 and have the best view in the house.

    My reivew of Un Ballo in Maschera is here if you are inteested.

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