Suzy Klein


I recently heard Suzy Klein make a continuity link from Richter playing Haydn to a piece by Nino Rota by informing us that Richter and Rota were contemporaries. Gosh, Richter was contemporary with Elvis Presley too, wasn’t he? Small (musical) world, innit?

But I musn’t knock Suzy Klein. At least she is knowledgeable and intelligent. Compare her with the idiots who do continuity on ITV 1-4, Channel 4, E4, More 4, Virgin 1, etc. How many different words are there that mean “naff”?

Suzy is good at her job, but may I suggest:

Richter was Russian. A famous Russian novel is War and Peace. Nino Rota wrote the music for the film War and Peace.

That would have been a pretty neat segue.

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2 Responses to “Suzy Klein”

  1. As part of BBC’s dumbing down in order to get engage yoof with ‘classical’ music I suggest Klein is yet another youngish presenter with no depth of music knowledge who probably is fed the info as she goes. This morning (27/12/09) I heard her refer to Kathleen Ferrier but rhyming the surname with Perrier!

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