Lang Lang Murders Chopin, Dresden Staatskapelle Does Nothing


Lang Lang played the Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 at the Royal Albert Hall last night. It sounded to me like he was tugging for Britain and China.

OK, I watched about 25 seconds of it, but he’s quite literally unwatchable. Sound only, still dodgy – plus the engineers aren’t doing the orchestra any favours. I did just sneak another glance at the emoting in the slow movement. Appalling.

I once went to the Proms with a friend who’s a horse vet. He wasn’t allowed to leave his pistol in the car, so in it came (before security checks). Had that happened yesterday there would have been a genuine murder.

Terribly boring stuff. Just a pity one of the world’s great orchestras on tour has to be a backing group for this.

So, I have to say, it wasn’t bad, it was dire – such rubato and exaggeration all round but still what did we expect and the Dresden Staatskapelle were adequate, no more. Naturally the Prommers went wild but they’d do that if the fire alarms went off, wouldn’t they?

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