Katherine Jenkins “Almost Raped” 10 Years Ago


To coincide with the release of her seventh album Believe on October 26, Katherine Jenkins has revealed to Piers Morgan how she was almost raped.

“I remember him grunting at me. He started dragging me and I remember my purse was there so I knew he wasn’t just trying to mug me and somehow I managed to get out of his grip and I thought ‘My gosh, I’m going to get away from him’.”

“He kind of threw his weight against me and I hit the wooden wall and then I just thought, ‘Right, he is actually going to try and rape me, so if I can get in a ball on the floor … then he won’t be able to do it.’ So I did that and he kicked me a few times and tried to get me to open up, and that didn’t work … and then eventually I gave him my purse, which didn’t have much money in it because I was a student. He ran to the end of the road and then stopped and looked back at me and laughed. And I’ll never forget his face.”

The star was not able to identify her attacker.

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