Brown Bread: Edward Woodward

Another of my heroes has gone. I suppose when one gets to my age, one must get used to this happening.

Strangely enough, I watched The Wicker Man yesterday.

Now I’ll have to watch Breaker Morant as well.

R.I.P. Edward Albert Arthur Woodward 1930-2009

Here are a few screen grabs from Robin Hardy’s 1973 film The Wicker Man, starring the late Edward Woodward.

Sergeant Howie - West Highland Police.

Are you the landlord here?

The Landlord's Daughter.

Broad beans in their natural state aren't usually turquoise are they?

You are despicable little liars.

Where does your minister live?

Have I made myself quite clear?

I suspect murder.

He brought you up to be a pagan!

I found that in Rowan Morrison's grave.

You're obstructing a police officer.

In the name of God, woman, what kind of mother are you?

Game? What game?

It is I who will live again, not your damned apples.

O God! O Jesus Christ!

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5 Responses to “Brown Bread: Edward Woodward”

  1. RIP – Edward Woodward, 79, was best known as TV’s “The Equalizer.” But I love him most for his disdain for Nic Cage. When Cage reprised Woodward’s role in the remake of “The Wicker Man,” Woodward was unimpressed: “I didn’t watch it.”

  2. You do take picture of your TV! I am very relieved to know I am not alone. It’s quite addicting, actually…

  3. Tess Kincaid Says:

    Ed Wood Wood Wood…

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