More Bloody Lieder

As much as I love BBC Radio 3 I’m getting very fed up with the amount of song plugged on the station. I listen to the radio a lot and at random times and it amazes me how often I switch the radio on to be greeted by voice and piano and more often than not it’s lieder. Why so much of it?

I get the impression there’s a small but very dedicated following of lieder trying to force feed it to those of us that listen to BBC Radio 3. I would be much happier if the time devoted to lieder was cut by half and that time devoted to just as valid forms of great music such as top British composer Birtwistle, solo piano recitals, harp or organ recitals or even Gilbert and Sullivan.

These art forms now hardly get a look in these days, even as I write there’s a lieder recital being broadcast at this precise moment. What’s going on?

I have a number of friends that don’t care for it either, but my argument is it gets an disproportional amount of air time compared to other equally valid art forms. I know it’s hard to keep everybody happy all of the time, but I listen to BBC Radio 3 a lot and at varied times and the amount of times lieder gets aired is becoming very annoying, just too much of it.

I switch on the radio in the morning and my first words to myself and my cats are nearly always: “Bloody singing again!”


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