Save BBC 6 Music

More than 100,000 people have joined a Facebook campaign as David Bowie and Emily Eavis appeal for threatened BBC 6 Music to be saved.

David Bowie has thrown his weight behind efforts to lobby the BBC over the closure, saying: “For new artists to lose this station would be a great shame.”

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis urged music lovers to join the campaign, urging her followers on Twitter to contact the corporation’s trust, adding: “Don’t let them do it.”

BBC 6 Music is considerably less concerned with the commercial mainstream than any other station you could mention. Its disappearance would leave a gap which none of the BBC radio stations would be able to fill, most critically removing a valuable platform for the exploration of the more thoughtful and musical exponents of the pop music genre and those newcomers who seek to eschew the vapidity of much of today’s chart output.

There is as wide a gap between these and the playlist pop of the mainstream channels as there is between what most of us would consider “classical” music and the light, disposable “crossover” material which has recently been similarly labelled by the commercial media.

To those who have a deeper interest in contemporary culture, the suggestion that BBC 6 Music could be replaced in any way by other BBC or commercial stations is as misleading as an assertion that since Classic FM is classical music station, BBC Radio 3 is obviously redundant.

BBC 6 Music offers something extra to mainstream pop music which isn’t available anywhere else, with presenters who seem very knowledgeable indeed. The station has given new British artists a platform when perhaps they wouldn’t have got a foothold otherwise; Florence and the Machine being just one example.

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