You’re Driving Me Crazy by The Temperance Seven

There were, in fact, nine members of The Temperance Seven, thus ensuring that they were always “one over the eight”.

Back row, left to right:

John Gieves Watson, banjo and spoons
Captain Cephas Howard, trumpet and euphonium
Squire Howcroft Whittam, clarinet, tenor and bass saxophones

Front row, left to right:

Count Clifford de Bevan, piano, trombone and euphonium
Professor Brian Innes, drums, xylophone, chimes, celesta
Al-Haroun R.T. Davies (seated), trombone, alto and soprano saxophones, trumpet
Dean Robert Mickleburgh, sousaphone
Major Maximilian White, clarinet, alto and baritone saxophones
Allan Moody Mitchell Q.C., vocals


One Response to “You’re Driving Me Crazy by The Temperance Seven”

  1. John Gives-Watson Says:

    The personnel for Driving Me Crazy (1961) was Cephas Howard – trumpet, Alan Swainston Cooper – clarinet, John R T Davies – trombone and sax. Philip Harrison – baritone sax., Martin Fry – sousaphone, Brian Innes – percussion, Colin Bowles – piano, John Gieves-Watson – banjo and Paul Mc Dowell – vocal. Not as listed above, this was a later line up of The Temperance Seven.

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