Is Mad Tracey from Margate a genius?

Tracey Emin

I heard a person call Tracey Emin a genius. If you like to know a simple fact, an American artist called Paloma Zolan who was working in Camden in the early 70s had a show with an unmade bed just like Tracey Emin’s. Just the press at that time did not think it was art then. The so-called art world is mad.

It comes down to a simple question:

What’s the difference between art, and merely taking something and presenting it as art? I’ve no idea what the answer is, if indeed, one exists …

However, I don’t think someone has to be either a genius or a charlatan, and I don’t think anyone, except perhaps a professional critic, needs to decide or pronounce on it.

So I don’t feel any need to decide whether anyone’s exhibits are “art” or not. If they don’t appeal to me it’s best I think to leave them.

When the work of the Post-Impressionists and Vorticists were exhibited in London shortly before the First World War, a number of people seemed to feel the need to express anger and outrage, as if they had been personally insulted by them.

While this is an interesting phenomenon, I suspect it says more about the person doing it than about the thing they are criticising.


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