The Gosnall Twins

Master Thomas and Master John Gosnall of Bentley, c.1745, painted by Franz Cusaude.

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  1. Hi there,
    I have a picture of the Gosnall twins which has been in our family for several generations.
    The last person that I know of who was supposed to be a relative of the twins is my gran who passed away in 1976 at the age of about 97,
    Her maiden name was Dimmy Malcolm Mason.
    I have read up on the story of the twins but see no connection to Malcolm Mason.
    Can anyone possibly throw any light on this?
    Many thanks in anticipation.
    Angus Durran


    • nigel Gosnal-tyler Says:

      just to help you i am related to the above and if you go to bentley church in ipswich you will find a stian glass window in honour of my granfather, we also have turner in our linage.

      • Thank you Nigel. I’m planning a trip to Suffolk to look into the Gosnall family history. Did you know there were also Gosnalls in Lancashire according to the 1841 census?

    • nigel gosnall-tyler Says:

      hi mr durran,
      if it help in any way is your gran-mothers name katherine harriet turner !
      if so then we are related.

    • your gran had a son call hugh turner related to us he was a JP in ipswich.

  3. nigel gosnall-tyler Says:

    hi robin.
    yes nice to no you, any if you go to ipswich just go to bentley village church when you get there, to the left of the church door you will see my granfathers grave john gosnal, going into the gave yard more central you will find a large box grave of thomas and john, john being my great granfather,
    kind regards nigel.

  4. Cheryle walford horan Says:

    Also in the Gosnall of bentley family line. Daughter of Lionel Desborough. Look forward to getting to know all I can.

    • nigel gosnall-tyler Says:

      hello cheryle.
      you found it then. it is great to trace family at long last
      love your brother
      nigel Gosnall-tyler….. 🙂

      • Hi Nigel,
        Just read your email.
        I have a framed copy of your grandfather from Ye Art Shoppe21 Crown st Brentwood.
        I still am curious to know the connection to our family.
        All my mothers side of the family had a copy of the painting hanging in a prominent place in their houses.
        My mother died some time ago and the last of the family are also deceased.
        Another clue which may be helpful is thet my late gran ne Turner since married to FortyMmalcolm Mason, was a pal of Mr Ogilvy who owned a lot of land in Suffolk around Thorpness. If you know the area she (my gran) was the inspiration and inhabited ‘The house in the Clouds’ where my mother Rosemarie Mason grew upl

        Does this help solve the mystery?

        Angus Durran

      • nigel Gosnall-tyler Says:

        hi angus
        if it could be done i would very much like a copy of my granfather
        you can contact me by email or phone

  5. hello Angus,
    my grandfather john also own land in and around suffolk a very princible land owner and also owned and live at WHITEGATES,
    turner ! this is also good as in our family church at bentley ipswich the brass plate under the window mentions katherine harriet turner and emma louise west all family connections.
    i would love to have a pianting! where can i get one,
    i had today receaved a photo of my grandfather from a family member, he was sitting out side with his dogs, he looks so grand.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hi Nigel,
      I have just discovered my great grandmother was Katherine Walford Gosnold
      This is obviously why a picture of John and Thomas Gosnold (twins) has been so cherished in our family
      My grandmother was Winifred Turner (1882 to 1978)
      Katherine must have been a descendant of the Gosnold twins?
      Have you any comments to put the jigsaw together?
      Kind regards
      Angus Durran

      • nigel gosnall-tyler Says:

        hi angus.
        if you need to contact me email (
        regarding the walfords. all my sister have this in there names.
        all the girls are walford and all the boys are gosnalls.
        hope all is well
        please email me your address and will get info sent to you ok
        kind regards
        nigel gosnall-tyler.

  6. Winifred turner is in our family line, i saw it on one of my dads documents.

  7. Nicholas Mason Says:

    Hi Angus, ( his mother and my father, Ivan Mason were sister and brother) I have just seen these posts as I was searching the internet having seen the ‘who do you think you are’ BBC series featuring Danny Dwyer the publican in East Enders who is also a relation..! I have the family tree and can confirm that our parents were the offspring of Colonel Mason and Winifred Turner. Winifred’s parents were Hugh Turner and Kath Harriet Walford-Gosnall ( born at Bentley) April 10th 1857. Her parents were Harriet, daughter of Capt Charles Pearson of Great YArmouth. Born 1830 and John Desborough Walford-Gosnall of Bentley Suffolk and Mount Maskells Essex JP. Born 1818. Took the name and Arms of Gosnall by Sion Manual and Letters Patent. His parents were Harriet Gosnall and Desborough Walford. She had two brothers, John and Thomas but the tree shows no marriage or issue. Harriet’s parents were John Gosnall Born Bentley 1775 and Harriet, daughter of J.Joyselyn of Copdock, Suffolk. Johns parents were John Gosnall of Bentley and Elizabeth Cook of Pluckley Kent. Johns brother was Thomas Gosnall, born 1745 and died 1840 the same day as his brother. This is the picture by J.Constable which the tree says is at Bentley, but I think it is at Otley Hall? john and Thomas had two sisters Frances and Mary who married William Serivener of Bentley. John Gosnalls parents were John Gosnall and Mary. His parents were John Gosnold (note change of spelling) of Bentley but he was born at Otley and Mary. This John Gosnold was the second son and his elder brother Robert Gosnold of Mersey Island Essex married Dorothy. this is where the Otley connection stems from and I can go back on the tree to 1377. However if we follow Robert and Dorothy’s tree they had 4 children Robert Gosnold, Lionel Gosnold, Rector of Otley 1663, Charles, Seckford and Edward.
    Returning to Robert and Dorothy Gosnold, Roberts patents were John Gosnold of Otley, 3rd son, died 1628 and Winifred Windsor.
    John Gosnolds tree goes back to John Gosnold 1440. I hope this helps fill in same of the blanks..! I know my father did some sleuthing when we lived in Suffolk and I must pick up the traces one day.! Nick Mason.

    • nigel gosnall-tyler Says:

      hi very interesting. could you phone me as my grandfather was the late capt.john desbough pearson Walford-gosnall
      nigel gosnall-tyler

      • Beverley Bowry Says:

        Hi Nigel, I would very much like to communicate with Nicholas Mason too as I feel there may be a connection with my Mason ancestors but sadly he has never replied to my response from March this year. kind regards, Beverley Bowry

  8. Beverley Bowry Says:

    Hello Angus and Nick, and All, Well I have to say that I am absolutely fascinated by your mention of the name Mason with regard to the Gosnolds/Gosnalls. My mother’s maiden name was Mason, her close ancestors were prominent folk in Suffolk and after looking into one branch of her paternal tree I’ve just been researching her Mason ancestors. I’ve now verified that I have a 5 x great grand uncle named Benjamin Mason of Bentley and as I am very aware of the Gosnolds/Gosnalls of Otley I was staggered to find that this Benjamin Mason was married to a Mary Gosnall. And I decided to see if there was any connection between these Bentley folk and the ones from Otley. But this was not her maiden name. After a huge amount of digging I discovered that she had been married previously to a John Gosnall of Bentley his will dated 1715. Now after even more research and speaking to an eminent genealogist who told me of his source it has been verified that this John Gosnall and Mary are the great great grandparents of the Harriet you have married to Desborough Walford. It also seems that the maiden name of this Mary was Allen and she came from Brantham. It just so happens that the maiden name of my great grandmother was Allen and she was married to a Benjamin Mason who was the great great grandson of a Joseph Mason who was the brother of the Benjamin who was married to Mary Gosnall nee Allen!And she came from that area!! So could this also be where the Mason connection to these Bentley Gosnall twins comes in? The Mary nee Allen formerly married to John Gosnall was their direct ancestor so her 2nd husband Benjamin Mason would have been their step ancestor. Would love to hear further comments on this topic!!!! Beverley Bowry

  9. Beverley Bowry Says:

    I have just phoned the Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich and they have said that the original portrait of the Gosnall twins is on display there in one of the rooms – the Rococco Room. Beverley Bowry

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