Brown Bread: BBC Radio 3 Message Boards

The House That Dripped Blood

This is your last chance to read the informed and witty debate on the BBC Radio 3 message boards.

Just don’t try to join in.

In the ten years since the Radio 3 message boards were launched, the internet has changed dramatically. There are now many different ways to talk about Radio 3 and talk to each other.

We have some big financial challenges ahead and so we’re intensifying our efforts to find the most effective ways to use our resources.

As you may know, apart from Radio 4 and the Archers, all the other radio message boards have closed and we have now taken the decision to close the Radio 3 message boards. The boards will close at midday on Tuesday 30 November 2010.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post or read posts in the many years the boards have been open.

Southendian – Radio 3 Host


3 Responses to “Brown Bread: BBC Radio 3 Message Boards”

  1. Jayne Gosnall Says:

    Does Samantha like this?
    I wish you both well, and a beautiful relationship!
    I still wonder, though, why a primary school teacher has shwn no interest in meeting your kids…..hmmmmm.

  2. Jayne Gosnall Says:

    I laugh, as I know you are capable of cooking…..but when we were married, you left it all to me, after a 14 hr day!!!!!

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