Orange and onion salad

Half Hour Meals

This recipe is from Simon Hopkinson’s book The Vegetarian Option (Quadrille, £20). The choice of onions here is crucial; use the freshest possible sweet white onions. You could also use blood oranges.

4 oranges (or blood oranges)
1 or 2 small sweet white onions, peeled
extra virgin olive oil
freshly ground black pepper

Cut the tops and bottoms off the oranges and, using a small, very sharp knife, further slice off the skins of the oranges, cutting close to the flesh and removing all traces of pith. Slice thinly, removing any pips, and arrange neatly, slightly overlapping, on a big white plate (any food looks good on a big white plate).

Thinly slice the onions and lay them on top of the oranges – with a sprinkling of salad garnish if you like. Spoon enough olive oil on to the assembly to suit you, and grind over some pepper.

2 Responses to “Orange and onion salad”

  1. Never thought that oranges and onions could be combined, how interesting.;))
    Have a great Sunday,

    • Thanks Zuzana! I know it seems a weird combination, but it works … what you garnish it with is up to you, but watercress or rocket is good … enjoy your Sunday … I’m walking down to Salford Quays (Manchester Docks) and wishing I was by the sea …

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