Poetry Corner

This is my only published poem. It is, in fact, made up of two poems, scribbled on the backs of envelopes, about 1990; so much time has elapsed that I cannot now remember which lines belong to which poem. However, the name of the woman I was in love with at the time can be made out if you look closely. The title is not quite right; can anyone think of a better one?


I recall the yellowing day
Coming down the years
When idleness was all
And never enough for us.

Whole afternoons we rose
Cidering, barley wining,
Beering our laughter to echo
Down these years of hangovers.

I am there again,
Standing alone I stare
As a cloud falls over the moon
Before four o’clock
And the sky not yet dark.

I am weary of watching
Swift passing clouds,
The atmosphere, a smokescreen
For a world shielding itself
From a malevolent wrathful creator.

This is a cold time.
We embrace Death,
Our lips touch his
In a frigid kiss.

See, nothing of your love abides now
On my imperfect shadow.


4 Responses to “Poetry Corner”

  1. Thank you for sharing this haunting melancholy, Robin.

  2. Delicious and bittersweet, like dark chocolate. Please tell me you will write some new poetry in the not so distant future.

  3. Thanks Tess. If I feel a poem coming on, you will be the first to know …

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