Photographing Salford

A couple of my photographs were published in the most recent editions of the weekly Salford Advertiser.

This one was taken in Weaste Cemetery when I was looking for the grave of Sir Charles Hallé, who founded the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester.

This one was taken at Salford Precinct after the snow fell a few weeks ago; the boy is my son Gabriel.


3 Responses to “Photographing Salford”

  1. Joseph Masheck Says:

    I hope it’s O. K. to bring up a tangential and possibly slightly pedantic point, in this case in respect to Robin Gosnall’s photograph of ‘Salford Precinct.’ Here in New York, a usage has arisen which quite irritates me: a ‘precinct’ now means a police station, by metonymic truncation from ‘precinct HOUSE.’ What hurts my head about this is that a zone should be confused with a single building standing at a particular point, So if it’s not hogging the microphone, I would like to ask if this correct use of ‘Precinct’ is something new in Britain in the formal name of a spatial zone or area. When I lived there, decades ago, I don’t think I ever heard of any area actually named a ‘precinct’ (which, I suppose, is most correctly a sub-area of something else — here a county?).

    • Extremely pedantic Joseph … I like your comment thank you … Salford Shopping City to give it its official title is just a shopping mall … and has been called locally “The Precinct” for at least 30 years … it is a single building … but within it are many shops and other delights … so it is a landmark and an area in its own right … a precinct … we used to call them shopping centres …

      • Joseph Masheck Says:

        Thank you, Robin, for the explanation. I’ll behave myself and not go on about ‘centres’ that usually seem to be anything but focal points, singuilar concentrations, and are often peripheral!

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